Welcome to riboraptor’s documentation!

riboraptor library is a Python library for analysis of Ribo-seq data. It assumes the reads have already been aligned to a reference and are available as BAM/SAM for input.

Current capabilities of riboraptor include:

  • Plot read length distribution
  • Plot metagene coverage
  • Export all gene coverages
  • Export metagene coverage
  • Export read length distribution
  • Calculate periodicity
$ Usage: riboraptor [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  riboraptor: Tool for ribosome profiling analysis

    --version  Show the version and exit.
    --help     Show this message and exit.

    bam-to-bedgraph              Convert bam to bedgraph
    bedgraph-to-bigwig           Convert bedgraph to bigwig
    export-bed-fasta             Export gene level fasta from specified bed
    export-gene-coverages        Export gene level coverage for all genes for given region
    export-metagene-coverage     Export metagene coverage for given region
    export-read-length           Calculate read length distribution
    periodicity                  Calculate periodicity
    plot-metagene                Plot metagene profile
    plot-read-length             Plot read length distribution
    uniq-bam                     Create a new bam with unique mapping reads only
    uniq-mapping-count           Count number of unique mapping reads